Discover Your Perfect Beard with AI

Transform your look with 100+ AI-generated beard styles in minutes.

Ever wondered how you'd look with a full beard, goatee, or a unique style? Experiment effortlessly without the wait or mistakes. Dive into a world of facial hair possibilities and find the one that's truly you.

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  • $9.99
    One-time payment
  • 1 Hour
    turn around time

All beard transformations include:

10 distinct beard styles | 100+ HD photos

Why choose AI beard styles?

  • Lifelike and indistinguishable from real beards
  • No need to grow or trim anything
  • Discover the beard style that truly suits you
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'Grow' a beard in minutes
Using Beard Style AI is easy. Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:

Pay $9.99
Our 'beard-growing' services are more than affordable. A small $9.99 payment through our secure system will save you months of beard growth and wasted time!
Upload Your Photos
Upload 15 to 30 of your favorite headshots for our AI software to work with.
We'll 'Grow' Your Beard
Within minutes, you'll have 100+ photos of you looking sharp with over 10 different beard styles. The next question is, to grow or not to grow?

Cool. Sharp. Sophisticated.
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Beard Styles
One Man. Dozens of Beards

No one has time to grow a dozen or more beard styles.
Beard Style AI helps you choose the perfect beard style for you without wasting months growing.

  • Chinstrap Beard
  • Ducktail Beard
  • French Fork Beard
  • Goatee Beard
  • Horseshoe Beard
  • Long Beard
  • Muttonchops Beard
  • Soulpatch Beard
  • Vandyke Beard
  • Zappa Beard

Why Beard Style AI?
Realistic beards, fast results, barber-ready, and a dash of fun.

Hyper-Realistic Beards

Using the 15 photos you upload, our software will generate 100+ realistic, natural-looking photos of you with multiple beard styles.

Hyper Realistic Beards

Takes Less Than 60 Minutes

Growing a beard can take years (or months if you're one of the chosen few.) Our software will show you how you'd look within 60 minutes!

Get Beard in Less than 60 Minutes

Show Your Barber

Sometimes it's hard to explain what you want to your barber. With one of our AI-generated snapshots, you can show them exactly what you want.

Show Your Beard to Barber

A Fun Prank

Let's have some fun. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a bearded picture of herself?

Girls Beard Prank

Change your beard, not your budget. Discover styles without the high price tag.

Everyone loves a good beard. But before you commit to months or years of hard work, take a look into the future and see how you’d look with Beard Style AI.

It’s quick, simple, and affordable. So go ahead and ‘grow’ your beard(s) today!

one-time payment
Get your new beardstyles

All beard transformations include:

10 distinct beard styles | 100+ HD photos

Frequently Asked Questions
You have the questions. We have the answers

What type of photos should I upload?

We recommend you upload a beautiful headshot and shoulder-length photos. Photos with a variety of facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives are better. High-quality photos with good lighting also work great.

What file format of photos is accepted?

Currently we are accepting JPEG, PNG

How long will it take to receive my avatars?

It’ll take 60 minutes to train the AI and generate your avatars.

What will I receive?

You will receive 100+ pictures of yourself with. 10 each from each beard style.

What beardstyle do we have?

We have 10 standard beardstyles. They are chinstrap beard, ducktail beard, frenchfork beard, goatee beard, horseshoe beard, long beard, muttonchops beard, soulpatch beard, vandyke beard and zappa beard.

Can I select my own beard styles and colors?

No, you can not select your own beard styles. However, we will render 10 different beautiful styles for you.

What technology do we use?

We generate attractive beard-style images thanks to state-of-the-act dream booth technology. Dreambooth is an open-source deep learning generation model used to fine-tune artificial intelligence imaging models.

Can I upload photos for Minors?

No, you can not. It’s against our terms and conditions. Only upload photos of consenting adults of 18+ years.

What happens to my photo after training?

Our AI model works on your photos and renders avatars. They are deleted from our server within 7 days.

What will happen to my photos?

Your photos are securely stored on our encrypted server and used for beard-style generation purposes only. We will delete all your photos after 48 hours.

What's your refund policy?

Our services are not refundable. Please follow every instruction including uploading very clear pictures. Your results are dependent on the photos you provide. If you are not happy with your results we will do our best to replace your renders.